Two Big Expansions Planned For Pokémon Sword And Shield

Posted Jan 09, 2020 by DarthHazard

Fans were teased with an announcement that today’s (9th January 2020) Nintendo Direct would be Pokémon focused and it seems many were pleased with the news shared with us.

Pokémon Direct 1.9.2020

And that main news was that Pokémon Sword and Shield would be getting a new Expansion Pass that would see players unlock two big DLCs over the year that will feature several new areas and new Pokémon.

The first DLC will be The Isle of Armor which will be released in June 2020 and The Crown Tundra will be released somewhere in Autumn 2020. Each DLC will add a brand-new open area, whilst over 200 new and returning creatures will also be included with the Expansion Pass.

Don’t panic yet. These creatures won’t be stuck behind a paywall. Whether you have the Expansion Pass or not, you will still be able to trade these additional species with other Pokémon Sword and Shield players.

The Isle of Armor will be a sun-filled area featuring a training dojo. The Crown Tundra, as you can tell from the name, will be a snow-filled area featuring some new co-op play. Here, you will be able to visit Pokémon dens which will allow you to capture some new and past legendary Pokémon.

The aim of this expansion pack is to allow players to take their existing player character on further adventures instead of opting for a new third game.

Similarly, to both games, content in the Expansion Pass will vary slightly between the two versions. Additionally, if you have both Sword and Shield, you will need to purchase an Extension Pass for each version you own.

Are you excited for this new Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword & Shield? And will you be purchasing it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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