Feature Roadmap

Our feature roadmap. Find out everything we are working on right now to add to our community.

December 2018

Levels & Progression

Levels Feature Coming To Hive Gamurs

We want to bring levels and progression to Hive Gamurs. This is quite a while away unfortunately so we don't have an exact release date for this new feature.

Gaming Store

We aim to partner with an existing gaming store to provide various different discounts and offers exclusively for Hive Gamurs members. We are also looking at stocking our own Hive Gamurs branded products such as t-shirts, mugs etc.

March 2018

Game Guides

Game Guides Feature Coming To Hive Gamurs

Game Guides will allow users to find out ways to improve their gaming experience. Struggling to get kills on a game like Fortnite Battle Royale? The Game Guides section will have seperate sections for each game that allows you to get tips, tricks and cheats for particular games.