Join a fast growing gaming company, grow your skillset and become a member of our evergrowing global family

Why work for Hive Gamurs?

If gaming is your passion then working for Hive Gamurs is the perfect opportunity for you. An opportunity that will allow you to become a member of our global family and improve your skills whilst still doing something that you love and enjoy.

Most of our positions are part-time and voluntary which means that you will still have time to enjoy yourself off site. Other job opertunities such as being a developer are pay-per-job model. We currently run a split profit scheme which means that profit (once costs and any investments have been taken care of) will be split amongst all staff members of Hive Gamurs. All staff also receive Elite Gamurs memberships. This is perfect for any Twitch Streamers or YouTube content creators as an Elite Gamurs membership will allow you to have your videos featured amongst search results

Our current openings will be posted and updated below. However, if you think that you have the skills to work for Hive Gamurs then please contact us and we can discuss any potentials openings that may be perfect for you.

Current Jobs

Back-end Developer - Open

Looking for talented developers who may be interested in a unique project.

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Lead Editor - Open

Lead and Create a wide range of content with a team of editors.

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Editor - Open

Create & Contribute to a wide range of gaming content for the HG blog.

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Forum Moderator - Open

Help moderator our community and keep us spam free.

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Discord Moderator - Open

Maintain a healthy active environment within our Discord.

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Social Media Manager - Open

Help grow, participate, and organize our social media profiles.

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