Help Support Hive Gamurs

We hope that everyone loves Hive Gamurs. We have introduced the Elite Gamurs membership as a way to reward users for their support. A significant proportion of revenue will go towards developing Hive Gamurs, new features and bribes to gaming developers to show us their trailers first.

We have decided to scrap a set price for Elite Gamurs and instead ask for donations. You can choose the amount that you want to pay per month for Elite Gamurs.

In order to become an Elite Gamur, send a private message to DarthHazard and he will get back to you with the details. We have a manual system for memberships in order to ensure that we can talk to and appreciate every single gamur that contributes to Hive Gamurs.

Elite Gamurs

$ Choose The Amount You Want To Pay For Elite Gamurs
  • Ability To Add Twitch Streams
  • Elite Badge For Username
  • Showcase Gaming Achievements
  • Content Featured On Search
  • Custom Profile Headers
  • Advertisements Removed

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