COD: MW Twitch Rewards Are Back

Posted Feb 15, 2020 by DarthHazard

Season 2 has had a great start on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and similar to Season 1, players can now earn a few exclusive Twitch rewards.

As you enjoy the new maps for Multiplayer, Gunfight and Ground War, make sure to have Twitch open on another device to earn the exclusive rewards. All you have to do to earn some in-game rewards is to tune in to an eligible stream on Twitch. You have until the 19th of February at 10 AM PT to do so and your account will receive the rewards. You can then equip any of the rewards in-game and jump into a game.

Before watching your favourite Call of Duty streamers, make sure that you have a Call of Duty account. You will then need to connect this account to your Twitch account. This won’t be necessary if you’ve already done this before and have successfully earned rewards from previous streaming events.

Now just find a streamer that is playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Make sure to look below their stream to find the phrase – “drops are enabled”. If you can’t see this, either the streamer has not enabled it or you haven’t connected your Call of Duty account properly.

Once everything is fine, watch a Call of Duty stream for 4 hours to earn all the in-game rewards which include the following this time around:

  • Prime Watcher Emblem for watching 1 hour
  • Restless Sleeper Spray for watching 2 hours
  • 1 Hour of Double Weapon XP for watching 3 hours
  • Hard Landing Animated Calling Card for watching the full 4 hours

You should receive a Twitch notification whenever you’ve unlocked a reward for watching streams.

Are you going to be watching a streamer to earn these in-game rewards? And what streamer will you be watching? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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