Apple Arcade to Cost Apple $500 million

Posted Apr 16, 2019 by DarthHazard

Apple’s soon to be released gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade will set them back $500 million according to a report by the Financial Times.

The large investment will allow Apple to fund developers although it seems that Apple will focus on funding indie titles instead of going for large budget triple-A rated games.

The large budget surpasses the mere $1 billion set aside for original content for their Apple TV+ service which gives a clear indication to everyone how highly Apple values the gaming market that they want to enter into.

Additionally, it is believed that games available as part of the subscription won’t be available at all on Android or other subscription services. However, developers of the games will be allowed to release the games on PC and other games consoles after a few months of exclusivity.

The subscription service which was announced to the world earlier this year will be launching later this fall in over 150 countries and will allow users to play brand new and exclusive games on their Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Unlike games available on the App Store, all games part of the subscription will not have any advertisements and microtransactions. All games will also be available to be played offline as unlike other subscription services from competitors, Apple Arcade has not been built for streaming games but instead offering games as downloads.

Information regarding the price of the service is yet to be confirmed although it’s hard to see it being extremely cheap with Apple surely wanting to recoup their investment as soon as possible.

At launch, Apple Arcade will have over 100 brand new and exclusive games available. Will you be looking forward to Apple Arcade? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • KAMI

    As someone who doesn't use Apple's products, I'm kinda looking forward to this new venture they're trying. Hopefully it doesn't end up full of trash cash-grab games that only "whales" will be interested in playing.

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