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Hello everyone of Hive Gamurs! It has been a while since there has been any sort of announcement. I apologise for this. I acquired this site back in February and it would appear, that not a whole lot has been happening since then. However, be rest assured that a lot has been happening!

For the most part, I have completely overhauled the backend of this site. So a lot of my work will mostly be unseen by the members of this community. With that said, that doesn't mean there hasn't been any work done on the front end. A lot of the features below has been released for some time, but I am just making the announcement now.

Heres whats new:
Better Date Display: 
I have reformatted how dates show throughout the site.
The dates used to look like 17 Feb 18 
The new dates will now look like Feb 17, 2018 
I feel this will be less confusing to our users.

Premium Features For Free! 
You get a profile cover, they get a profile cover, everyone gets a profile cover! 
This is a basic feature that comes with most social websites. Unfortunately, this was a feature that was gated behind a payment wall. To help make user profiles more unique, we have decided to allow everyone to upload profile covers! I strongly believe all users should be able to express themselves creatively without being held back by a paywall.

Showcase Your Gaming Achievements! 
Another feature that was previously only for our Elite Gamurs, was the ability to link to your gaming profiles and showcase your achievements. After all, this is a gaming community of gamers looking to interact and connect with other gamers! Therefore, this is now available to all users free of charge!

Optimized Video Page: 
Previously, every single thumbnail of videos throughout the site was a "4K/HD" quality. Loading dozens of images of this size on a single page can cause the page to be slower than it should. 
All thumbnails throughout the site now have the appropriate image size.

A lot of work has been put into making the URL's of the site as friendly as possible. There are still some bugs in certain areas due to this. We are currently working on them.

Changes to the Alert System:
We introduced 2 new features in the new alert system that have been requested:
- The alert system will now display your latest alerts in a drop-down menu. You are then able to see all alerts by clicking the "View All Alerts" link.
- Previously, you had to manually mark an alert as read, regardless of if you saw the alert or went to it. Alerts will now be marked as "read" once a user clicked on the alert.

Deals, Deals, & More Deals!
I have completely revamped the deals page. Check it out:

So much work has been put into it. A complete redesign to have a more modern, fresh look.
We now have "Featured" deals! Deals we feel are a big bonus, and deals users might find the most interesting.
We also have a Daily Deal section which includes's daily deal will update automatically every day via an API.
This section may include other deals from other sources, and even some "Staff Picks"!

We got rid of the "report" deal function. All deals are screened and approved by staff before being made public. Deals are also checked daily to make sure they are not expired. You can still contact us if you feel a deal has an error.

We still have lots of plans for the deal section of our site. So keep an eye out

Various Bugs:
There have been a lot of small bugs here and there that have been fixed that was not kept track of. Such as the recent threads on user profiles displaying incorrect dates, fixing the index carousel, fixing the password reset, etc. 

A special thanks to @DarthHarard who continued working on the site and had done some of the features listed above.

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    Real nice progress this month! Can't wait until the deals section is fully complete and I can rule over that part of it with an iron fist!



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    Loving the new deals section. And good decision on the "premium" features. It'll be nice to compare stats and achievements with everyone now


    Joshua Farrell

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    Yay! Going to enjoy these features now.



    64 posts Hive Gamurs Staff

    Great work @JordanH

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