You Can Now Try And Be A Better President Than Donald Trump

Posted Dec 04, 2017 by DarthHazard

Donald Trump, the Marmite of Presidents. And now you can try and be a better president than him by taking control of a whole country like the USA.

Government Simulator, developed by Ambiera, will allow you to take control of a country, manage laws, taxes and budgets and hope for the best. You could do whatever you please including turning the USA into a dictatorship or even introduce a nuclear phase-out. However, the game doesn't have the option to create a wall between Mexico and the USA which means roleplaying Donald Trump is out of the question.

The game uses real-world data which means that when you start off, all base values are real values. For example, the debt and income of the USA will be the same as it is in real life. And just like the real government, you also have to worry about the media and public relations, although let's hope your relationship with the media is a lot better than just shouting "fake news" at them.

You can buy the game for just $9.99 although a 20% discount is currently available, making it just $7.99 (ends December 11). Buy the game here.

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  • Hux

    I just had a peek at the store page for this game on Steam, 'Mostly Negative' rating :o

  • I enjoy strategy games, but this game sounds somewhat simplistic in a genre which includes some very detailed and complex games, such as Democracy III. I probably won't be buying this one.

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