Postponed PS5 Event Rescheduled For June 11th

Posted Jun 11, 2020 by DarthHazard

The PlayStation 5 event that was originally scheduled for the 4th of June but was postponed has now been rescheduled for the 11th of June.

The event, which was called off after the death of George Floyd and the protests against racism and police brutality, will now take place on the 11th of June at 1PM Pacific Time (or 9PM BST). The delay was to ensure that Sony could stand back and “allow more important voices to be heard”.

Players will finally be able to get a detailed look at the games that they can expect to play when the PlayStation 5 launches later this year. And according to the original event unveiling on the PlayStation blog, it will be “a bit more than an hour”.

In another post on the PlayStation blog, Sid Shuman, the Senior Director of SIE Content Communications stated that the event will be a pre-recorded program that will be broadcast at 1080pp and 30 frames per second. This is to ensure that the “show’s production process during a time when many of our team and developers are working from home”.

Players may need to temper their expectations slightly but the games will “look even better when you play them on PS5 with a 4K TV”.

They also suggested that players should wear some headphones whilst watching the video as the team have done some cool audio work in the show. Your phone or laptop speakers may not do that work justice. You’ve been warned!

Are you looking forward to the PS5 event? And what games do you think will be unveiled? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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