Call of Duty Mobile Receives Halloween Update

Posted Oct 20, 2019 by DarthHazard

Developers have started to slowly add some Halloween goodness to their games and this time, it’s the turn of Call of Duty Mobile.

The recently released mobile version of the popular FPS has received an update for the upcoming Halloween holiday that has introduced some new skills, items, and even a brand new scorestreak.

The update, sized at around 83MB will add the following new additions and changes to the game:

  • A brand-new Sparrow operator skill
  • A new battle royale chip called Airborne
  • A brand new scoresteak – the Molotov Cocktail
  • Some brand-new skins for weapons, items, and operators
  • A limited-time game mode – Hardpoint

But that’s not it. Standoff, the multiplayer map has received a bit of a Halloween revamp to make it a lot spookier. During the Halloween season, players will be able to receive the following rewards as well if they play Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Halloween themed ID
  • A free weapon during the Halloween log-in event
  • A free battle crate and an epic weapon XP card worth 500XP

Players will also notice a brand-new loading screen, login screen, and a revamped home screen to follow the rest of the Halloween celebrations.

Fans looking forward to the addition of support for PS4 and Xbox One controllers will have to wait a little longer. Many believed that the next update would introduce controller support in the game but it looks like the developers are still working on this. We haven’t been given any release dates or even information regarding this so fans will need to wait in the dark a little longer.

Call of Duty Mobile has been a popular release on mobile devices with over 100 million downloads in just the first week of its release.

Are you enjoying Call of Duty Mobile? And will you be playing the game during the Halloween celebrations? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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