Fortnite v9.10 Patch Introduces Jumpman Collaboration

Posted May 22, 2019 by DarthHazard

The latest Fortnite patch has arrived and with it arrives a special Fortnite X Jumpman collaboration that will make players jump in excitement.

The collaboration brings with it the Downtown Drop limited time mode by Jordan that will feature Creative artists NotNellaf and Tollmolia. The LTM will see you “launch off massive jumps, grind down city streets and collect coins to win”.

Fortnite X Jumpman Trailer

Also introduced is the Hang Time Bundle which will allow players to gain access to the Grind outfit, Clutch outfit and challenges that will be unique to the bundle. The bundle will set players back 1,800 vBucks.

“Now is your chance to challenge your friends for the title of G.O.A.T.”

For players that don’t want to purchase the bundle, a set of free challenges have also been included that will allow them to unlock the Back Board back bling and nine additional style variants by simply playing the Downtown Drop LTM.

In other additions, Patch v9.10 has added Hot Spots to the game. If that sounds familiar, it’s a play on Hot Zones featured in Apex Legends. In Fortnite, Hot Spots will be randomly selected locations on the map that will have a high loot rate with an increase of Supply Drops.

Hot Spots will highlight the presence of brand new loot Carriers. Players can shoot down these carriers to pick up some additional high-quality weapons that will be rare or higher. Hot Spots will feature between 12-16 loot carriers, the exact number depending on the size of the location the Hot Spot is in.

Fans of the semi-auto sniper rifle will also love this patch as the weapon has now been unvaulted and will be available in uncommon & rare varients from vending machines, chests and as floor loot.

The full list of additions & changes for this patch can be found on the Epic Games Blog.

Are you looking forward to playing the Downtown Drop LTM? And will you be playing it to unlock the Skateboard back bling for your character? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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