Beta For New AR Game Minecraft Earth Coming Soon

Posted May 18, 2019 by DarthHazard

Augmented reality has been somewhat popular over the past year or two and it seems Microsoft believes they have the next killer app having announced Minecraft Earth for both Android and iOS devices.

When we hear that it’s going to be an augmented reality game, we think about Pokemon Go. But don’t mistake it as a competitor for the popular game by Niantic. The game will allow players to construct builds with friends or by yourself and then place them in the real world at life-size. You will also be able to collect mobs and resources from around you to help you build something bigger and better. It’s Minecraft in an AR experience that will be all around you.

Collaboration with friends and other players will allow you to "create masterpieces together" as well as the ability to team up with each other to go on mini adventures!

Minecraft Earth Trailer

For those that are interested, a beta will begin this summer for players to try out in the real world although an actual release date for the beta or the release of the game is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

You can sign up for the beta right now on the Minecraft Earth website. By signing up, you will be able to receive updates for the game (including a release date when it is finally confirmed), a free skin for both Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Bedrock and for the chance to be able to play the beta for Minecraft Earth. At the moment, only players above the age of 18 will be able to participate in the Beta.

Will I be able to play Minecraft Earth?

“We’re committed to bringing Minecraft Earth to the entire Earth but will roll the game out gradually to ensure everyone gets the best play experience. Minecraft Earth will support all the same languages as regular vanilla Minecraft.”

Similar to Pokemon Go, the game will be free to play on iOS (at least iOS 10) and Android (at least Android 7.0) devices that are compatible with AR games. All that will be required from players to enjoy the game once downloaded is a Microsoft or Xbox Live account.

Players won’t have to worry about loot boxes in the game either as a simple response of “No.” was posted on the Minecraft Earth website FAQ about loot boxes.

Are you looking forward to trying out Minecraft Earth? Do you think it will be as popular as Pokemon Go was a few years ago? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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