All Electric Car Coming To GTA Online

Posted Nov 18, 2017 by DarthHazard

Rockstar have announced more new content for Grand Theft Auto Online, with the streets of Los Santos now getting a brand new all-electric car, bonuses and even some discounts for players to enjoy.

The Coil Cyclone will be an electric car, with Rockstar promising that the days of "thinking that electricity was for the weak and environmentally conscious" were over. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to enjoy their new found love for electric cars, with the car having a hefty price tag of $1,890,000. The Cyclone is available to purchase from Legendary Motorsports now.

“In the past, you'd have been forgiven for thinking that electricity was for the weak and environmentally conscious. Those days are over, and the Coil Cyclone is here to change your mind faster than a 1,000 volt blast straight to the jewels. Fly off the line faster than a toupee in a hurricane and usher in the electric age with the Coil Cyclone supercar - now available for purchase at Legendary Motorsport.”

If you need help to afford the new Cyclone, then you might want to play some Motor Wars or Transform Races which will reward you with double GTA$ and RP. You will also earn double GTA$ in freemode as a bodyguard or associate for a CEO. Double GTA$ and RP bonuses will start from the 14th of November and end on the 20th of November.

Elsewhere, this week will feature a lot of discounts for various things across the game. Players will enjoy a 25% discount on the following: biker clubhouse customizations, biker business upgrades, anti-aircraft trailer, any gunrunning tattoos, the Ultralight, aircraft weapons, all assault and sniper rifles, the Technical Aqua and the Turreted Limo.

Will you be buying the new Coil Cyclone?

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