Reboot Vans Finally Arrives in Fortnite After Delays

Posted Apr 10, 2019 by DarthHazard

After the sudden rise and popularity of Apex Legends, Epic Games will have been working extremely hard to ensure that their game doesn’t lose out on players moving over to the game by EA and Respawn. And it seems one of their changes to keep players entertained has come straight out of the Apex Legends handbook.

Players will finally be able to respawn in games with the introduction of “Reboot Vans” which have finally arrived with the latest patch, v8.30 in Fortnite.

But don’t worry. You won’t start to see players mysteriously rising from the ground after you eliminate them as Reboot Vans will only be available in duo and squad game modes. The feature will also require players to pick up a Reboot card (which will only be active for 90 seconds so you will be up against the clock) which will be dropped when a squad member is eliminated by an enemy or by themselves. These cards will then need to be taken to a reboot van and deposited.

Players won’t have to worry about long waits when picking up the card, although there will be a 10-second interaction wait when depositing the card at the Reboot van. Additionally, once used, that particular Reboot van will take up to 2 minutes to cool off in which it won’t be available to be used again by anyone. Players will be able to find Reboot Vans at all major points of interests across the Fortnite map. Don't expect a peaceful wait as you deposit your card as light will shine from the van and a massive sound will be broadcast to let nearby enemies know about what is happening.

Moreover, players shouldn’t worry about the feature being overpowered as players who respawn will only return with full health, a common grey pistol, 36 light ammo for their pistol and 100 wood and will need to pick up any of their items again.

Several new additions and changes also arrived with the latest Fortnite patch including:

  • The Buccaneer’s Bounty Event – Players will be able to drop into a different limited time mode every day and collect rewards by simply completing free challenges. Rewards include a brand new glider, a spray and even a brand new emote. Players will have around 6 days to complete all 4 challenges to earn all the rewards.

  • All aspect ratios will now have the same vertical field of view on both Mac and PC
  • A new setting has been brought in to ensure that players can choose separate controller sensitivities for building and editing structure which has been something that has been highly requested by console players for a long while.
  • And one small but massive change to the game which will now allow players to cycle between their items/weapons whilst gliding which will finally allow you to choose your shotgun as you approach an enemy whilst gliding down.

The full list of additions, changes and fixes to Fortnite can be found in the Patch Notes on the Epic Games site.

Do you like the addition of the brand new respawn feature in Fortnite? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • i don’t think it’s a good idea, these vans will probably be removed a few days after release because now matches will also be longer.

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