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Revenue Herald is a brand new forum for discussions related to online money making opportunities. The forum also allows you to redeem points that you earn on the site for cash (via PayPal). Points can be earned by posting around and completing various other tasks. 

I know the owner/admin quite well so it is definitely a trustworthy site.

Join here:

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    I heard a lot about this forum and joined just previously and managed to get a payment of 0.25 USD as well. Soon i will spend more time on there to do well. 



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    Joined this forum through a deal on forumcoin and I'm already working on the time, hope to cash out soon.



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    Well I think it's closed now, just visited the site and I think it's bankrupt already.  If you have other earning sites, do post them.



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    If I remember well, I have joined the forum for quite some time.I was active there for a shorter period of time.Now, I will return to the site, to take a look at the community there.



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    I have never heard of this site before.  What is the point exchange rate for USD?

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