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This Trivia App can be downloaded on your Android and iOS.  It's free to join and you can win from $0.05-$20.00 PayPal money and things like Jewelry, Designer Bags and Gift Cards. There are also daily and monthly tournaments for $100 and $1000. So if you're good answering trivias then you could earn a lot in KO Trivia.  I've been earning $0.40 -$1 a day from it so that's a minimum of $12-$30 a month, it's good as Pizza Money. And that's only from PayPal money excluding gift cards and other items.

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    I think that can be a very good idea for those who like downloading applications and earn from them.However, I am not very huge fan of downloading applications.



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    I have never heard of this before.  Does not seem like a lot of money, but I guess every little bit of money helps. 

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