The Next Rainbow Six Character Will Be A Hacker

Posted Nov 14, 2017 by DarthHazard

Operation White Noise, the latest update for Rainbow Six Siege, will be arriving later this month and we can expect a brand new map, three new operators and some weapons exclusive to those operators. And thanks to an error by Ubisoft, we now know more about one of the newcomers to the Rainbow Six team.

Nicknamed Dokkaebi, Grace Nam is a member of the 707th Special Mission Battalion although her actual abilities are yet to be known. She will be able to pick from the Mk 14 EBR Marksman Rifle and the BOSG. 12.2 shotgun as her primaries and either the C75 Auto or SMG-12 machine pistols as her secondaries.

The Ubisoft post was taken down although not quick enough as the following screenshot was taken by some quick thinking Redditors.

Ubisoft blog post containing information about the latest Rainbow Six operator

We won't have to wait too long for more information, we will be able to learn some more details and watch some gameplay during the upcoming Pro League Finals stream which will take place this weekend. Will you be looking forward to some hacking in Rainbow Six Siege?

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