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Another great paid to post forum. I use both this and PostLoop.

Slightly less earning opportunities but you can still make a decent amount per day especially if you post on PostLoop as well. Great for those looking to get posts on their forum as well. Join here:

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    The Forum Wheel is the second best site when it comes to paid postings although in the past months I've been experiencing delayscin payments unlike postloop with its fast PayPal payment system, The Forum Wheel takes 4-8 days to get paid. And for every $5 there's always a $0.50 PayPal charge, so you get only $4.50 credit on PayPal.



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    Forum Wheel is good especially when your rating is high. But just the same some of the sites are for USA residents only and I wonder why. But its a nice and decent place for earning some bucks posting in the forums. And to be hones about it, Forum Wheel is fair and decent. 



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    I used to join forumwheel because it is also a good site when you need extra income but unfortunately I didn't passed so better luck next time! 



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    Nowadays,I don't think you can earn much as the place has seemed to dry up.  I mean, it was going a little bit a month ago, but nothing now.  Anyway, the exception is an occasional time when some gaming sites of one owner pop up.

    So, do you all think it's still worth it to sign up?  Well, I think it is, but there really isn't much to anticipate.



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    I thought of joining this site because I have read a lot about it but from the reviews lately it seems it wouldn't worth the time since the forums to post to aren't even available for posting.But will give a try if any good thing comes up



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    I tried once to join TFW, but I was not accepted there.However, it seems that the situation is the same as in Postloop, as there are members still waiting for their payments.



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    I signed up for this about 8 months ago.  I just did not really care for it.  I never made any more from it.  Too many of the forums seemed to be disabled when I started. 

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