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Hi, I'm SWARTHOS (I was once told that my gamertag looks best when using all caps) I've been gaming since the 70s, I've played them all and continue to game on a regular basis (PC & Xbox1 these days).  I have an esoteric approach toward physical fitness and well being in anticipation of one day entering into VR via an omni directional treadmill & headset (I fear the day that becomes a reality I may be too old but I live and hope).

In addition to working out I am also on a vitamin & caffeine regimen that has me consuming 12 cups of coffee each day with a complete variety of supplements in order to stave off any mental deterioration (Heavy on the Vitamin C's)  There's Alzheimer's in my family and when I told my doctor he looked at me and said "Start popping those Vitamin C's.  

I currently enjoy playing Forza 7, Destiny 2, DOOM, GTA 5, Elite Dangerous, Diablo III (Man, I've been playing Diablo since forever)  Spent a good chunk of my life with that one.  RedOut, No Man's Sky.... too many to list.  I'm looking forward to the new DOOM and Cyberpunk games.  I'm hoping for great things with those two, especially the Cyberpunk... A little nervous about the first person only perspective as I get motion sickness with too much of that but I'm willing to go for it anyway.  yeah, really hope & want it to be a good one.

I'm a Christian and am not offended by violent video games.  I feel that games such as GTA 5 are very much like the real world in that it is what you make it to be for yourself out there. 

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