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Promotion Forums use to be a really big thing several years ago. Nowadays they are far and few between. Even the sites that were extremely popular and offered great services to boost activity and traffic on a site are dying out. So, all that in mind, my question to you guys is: Do you think that Promotion Forums are still as helpful as they once were? Why or why not?

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    T Dog

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    I've never made any real success off of promotion forums. Best case they compliment your other efforts. 


    Sir Twisted

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    I have to agree with what you have said within your thread, there is not much to gain from some of them nowadays. 



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    Like someone already said, most of them just say "good luck" or "nice forum", and not much else happens. That or a lot of them are basically dead, so you create a thread to advertise, and then it just sits there and nobody looks at them.



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    Promotion forums aren't the right way to proceed. Most forum members are asking each other to help their forum grow but in reality it's not growing anything. To grow a forum one needs to have specific niche ( most likely) and it needs members who are not forum owners. You need to have members are there to solve or help other people. So as long as post exchanges goes on, forum is working but as exchange of post doesn't takes place, forum just dies. So i would think, it better to have real members like friends or people who share similar interests but don't want exchange of posts. 



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    Of course they are helpful! I make use of Forum Promotion everday. I prefer to use the Marketplace and offer my posting service in return for $, promotional forums are good for forum owners and for people who are looking to earn some extra money.


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    Some are great, but some are dead and others are just developing.  Anyway, they seem to drop like rain, so I'm wondering about the short lifespan.  Is it a bad team, leadership, both?


    T Dog

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    Even off the active promotion forums you don't really gain any real members from them. Typically if you do post exchanges you just gain meaningless stats and in return you have to spend time on other forums instead of your own. 

    I think getting posts and content in the beginning is important. But if you rely on post exchanges to keep your forum alive then you are wasting your time. 



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    Definitely promotion forums are less active than before but still they are offering great services to help a person to build a site. You can do post exchanges with another person to help boost your new forum's activity, request posting packages, receive feedback and much more.



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    While they aren't as active as they once were, they're still a useful tool for webmasters & admins alike. I just wish there were more promotional forums around like there were back in the day. Only one I know of now, is Forum Promotion.

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