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Earn money posting at forums and blogs. No boring articles, tedious work, or stringent requirements. All that you need to do here is be natural and have fun. People everywhere are adding Postloop to their best sources of income. Don't miss out!

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    I was a member on postloop and used to do well there but not nowadays. I was able to get one payment of 14 dollars from there once and it was a very special moment. 



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    I made my first dollars from this site, a high paying site amongst paid to post site and it really legit too.



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    Not just earning but also helps if you are running an forum that needs posts



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    It's possible to earn a few dollars a day there.  However, though, it's very tough.  In other words, you have to have a top rating - mainly because the owners often heighten the rating.  Anyway, it could be because of quality but another big reason seems to be that they simply cannot afford too many writers.


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    I like postloop a lot, at least it very legit and high paying than other forum posting sites. I love the forums on there I can totally relate to about 80% of the forums on the site.



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    I have written for Postloop before.  It was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed doing it, as I love to write.  It was a perk to get paid!  



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    I was once a member in Postloop, and still have an account there, but I am not active anymore there.The situation has changed on Postloop, as there is a new owner, and he has not made yet any announcement about his intentions regarding the site.



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    I have been a member of postloop for a few years.  I have not been to the site in a few weeks, but I have cashed out a few times over the years.  

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