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If you won the lottery and got hundreds of millions, what would you buy? Would you try to live a normal life or a nice lavish one?

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    If I have a million dollars, I would definitely travel to the place I've dreamed to travel and make a lot of memories. And if there's money left I will buy a house. A house that is just enough for me; I don't really like a very big house. Then if there's money left after I bought a house, probably I will start my own gaming business. I'm thinking also of a gaming cafe for those who are gamers like me to gather and play while eating.



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    If I had millions I'd still try to live a normal life. I think I'll buy a lot of stuff but not the luxury ones. I'd take my whole family to lots of trips and trying out the food or delicacy of the places we go to. It's a dream I still hold. I should start buying lotto so that it would become a reality. I hope someday it would be.



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    If I had million I probably won't be here writing posts. 



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    I'd buy a house. Maybe a few rental properties.

    I'd then just start planning back to back cruises and holidays. Would love it to happen so much.



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    If I had one million dollars I would take care of them and I wouldn't buy everything from the shops or something. Maybe I'll buy three or four books because I love to read but that's all. 

    I would take care of them till I'll move to USA. I'll pay my college and I would buy a house. Maybe I would satisfy myself with a vacation somewhere. I was always wondering how is in Australia. 



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    I would love to live normally with occasional spending for things that I want, so that I won't run out of money eventually with all the irresponsible expenses.



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    If i won a lottery and have a millions, i would still live my life normal, normal in a way that i will provide my family needs, i will provide my neice and nephews financial for there studies. And some of it i will build a business because not all the time your pocket is full, so you need to use it wisely.



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    If I would have millions I would buy a beautiful big house with a big garden for myself and my family.It is my childhood's dream to have a big house with garden.However, I would like to live a normal life.



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    I have two family members currently living in 24 hour care facilities due to severe Dimentia.  I'd like to be able to afford to have them live with me but my house can't accommodate their needs etc.  So I'd purchase a place where we all could live and also have medical staff onsite.  

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