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If you won the lottery and got hundreds of millions, what would you buy? Would you try to live a normal life or a nice lavish one?

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    Travel would certainly be a top priority and. 2nd, I could fund all my projects the way I want to.   Anyway, a lavish life would not be in the works - minus the travel, but I would buy an upper-middle-class home.



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    Has anyone mention about donating it to the people in need lol  



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    Certain effective charities would be on the list.  However, I think job creation would do wonders for most people - as far as improving their life - and there's less a threat of cheating.  For instance, if you give charity to certain groups, corrupt factors will swindle it.

    Anyway, everything should be in secret - cause I think people get off on self-righteousness, as well as the fact everyone would want your money, lol.



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    Invest in property and rent out the property. Make other good investments and live of the money for the rest of my life. I would enjoy my life, and do my hobbies everyday and all day.



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    I would use it to buy a house, potentially a new car, but still live a relatively normal life. I would also use the money to start up a business or two and then invest a lot of it elsewhere.


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    Buying a nice home and car, new gaming room and setup, charity and investing in something.



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    If I won a hundred million I would honestly donate half of it to charity- kids with cancer, the homeless and to the poor in general, and also give some to my family, relatives and friends. 



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    Of course I would put it in good use while looking forward on things to do in order to make it productive and not loose it in the end. If I had millions, I would probably invest on building companies that can benefit others. It is nice to think that having the cycle of earning and making people have available jobs for them is a good cycle to start with. Its like build equals available jobs for others, equals profit, equals having the means to build again. helping not just wasting the source of means.



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    If I have millions of dollars. I will buy a house in Daegu near the house of my grandma. I miss her so much. She's the one who took care of me when I was a toddler. And I will give her the house. She don't want to leave her hometown that's why she insisted to stay there. Second, I will deposit it maybe in the bank and spend it properly. And Last I will buy a concert ticket of BTS. he he. 



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    Well as for me, I could only build a normal house and buy a salon car. I could then invest the remaining amount in a bank, and now wait to eat the yearly interest all through. Taking myself to a high class, is never my achievement; I stay humble.

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