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ForumCoin is an online currency you earn simply and easily just by participating on our forum, no complicated mining required. Use your ForumCoin to buy and sell goods and services and exchange for traditional, real world currencies.

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    Forum coin is a great website to learn and earn and best part is there are different ways to get paid like PayPal, Amazon Gift cards, Crypto Currencies and even payza funds. 



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    I'm an active member of forumcoin,it really a learning ground for newbies that want to earn to learn about various ways of earning



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    It's good for newbies but for seasoned ones well you can't earn a lot there.   Postloop is still the best managed and the most successful site when it comes to paid postings.  



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    No offense to anyone, but this doesn't even seem like a good deal for people in the third world!  In other words, the payout is simply too much work for too little pay!  Therefore, I think in this case, they should just stick to some sort of thing where coins are exchanged for membership upgrades or something.



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    I joined forum coin a while back but I'm not really active on the site because of other engagements but I like the site though because it really relaxing and its seem the admin is very polite and friendly.



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    I am active for a very long time in Forum Coin.I like the community there, it is nice and welcoming.I like that the Admin is friendly and responsive.I appreciate very much Forum Coin.I wish it would be there more forums like Forum Coin.

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