Do you buy every Nintendo Console? Nintendo


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Do you buy all of the Nintendo console each time when they are released straight away?
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    No not really. I didn't purchase the WiiU until my Wii started to fail, & had to invest in a WiiU just so I could move all my content on my Wii to the WiiU, which was a good month (or so) after it launched. I didn't even get a Switch until it got close to Super Mario Odyssey releasing. With the Wii, hell yea. With the 3DS or DS it's a definite no. I got the 3DS just under the month I would be allowed into the 'Ambassador's club' that Nintendo announced for anyone who bought into the 3DS along with all the free games for buying into the 3DS.



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    Not straight away, but I do try to get one of the home consoles as I am usually anticipating a Zelda game with them. Haha.

    I grew with Nintendo so I know I will enjoy the console.



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    I do for my wife. She loves them a lot.



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    I usually do, unless it was a situation like the Wii where I missed out on it, and got a Wii U and picked up the games that I missed on the Wii.


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    Nope. I need to know what games are on the console (or are coming to it) before making the decision to buy it. Before I got my Nintendo Switch, I learned that Pokemon, Kirby and Shin Megami Tensei 5 would all be available for it. That hastened my decision about getting the console. 

    Region lock also made me iffy about picking up the console. Thank god Nintendo decided to finally drop it, even if they still limit regions to profiles (but it doesn't matter which console you get - anyone can pick any region anytime). 



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    I try to get everyone of them. They're always the first choice before Xbox or PlayStation.  Nonetheless, my income normally keeps me from getting every Nintendo console and the last PlayStation I owned was version 2 from before 2010.



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    No, not straight away. I'm a fan of Nintendo, but I don't buy every console they make. I wait to see if the games that were made for the console are any good. I also read reviews from people who bought the console. Many of those consoles are expensive, so I try to make sure they are worth the money I'm going to pay. For example, I've been thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch. I've already watched videos, video games trailers, reviews, games walkthroughs and others to make that decision.



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    I usually wait until I can buy it cheaper secondhand or wait a few years to inherit them from my brother He buys every new console (then usually gets rid of them/gives to me when the next new one comes out) and I get to try 'em out since we live nearby. I agree with mostly everyone else who says they wait to see the games on the console. That's a big deciding factor for me too. 



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    That's a bit excessive, hence I prefer the PC to be honest. I have a ps2 and a ps4 and that's it.

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