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For me, I always have to get new things. I used to buy used games here and there when I had my Xbox 360 but that was mainly because by the time I got it there was no point paying full price for games that I liked. But now, I tend to get games at launch so I don't buy used games anymore.

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    I will only buy a used game if it is older. The newer titles I buy brand new. I buy them at launch too.



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    Unfortunately not with PC, kind of a good and bad thing.

    I keep the games but no resale value, lol.

    I bought used games for my xbox one though, in my local store they were usually half the price of RRP.



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    I never got secound hand games since nowadays when you buy games it comes with an CD key that allows to to use once or max of 5 times. Also now that people get downloadable content 



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    This isn't an issue for me as I get all my games as downloads either from Origin or Steam (or sometimes an indie developer).  I haven't bought a game on "disc" in many years. lol



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    The used games don't have enough scratches to be worried about, so it doesn't really matter and -   because they're vastly cheaper, I don't see the reason to buy new.  However, though, I have bought new games before - maybe because they are too new to be at a used store.



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    I typically always buy used games and never buy games on launch. I used to buy Call of Duty every year at midnight outside GameStop but quit when AW was released. Ghosts was really bad in my opinion, especially compared to glorious Black Ops 2, and it left a bad taste in my mouth so I never purchase Advanced Warfare until months later into release. As of right now I still don't have WW2 because I do not like supply drops and refuse to support it, but I could cave in soon. Supply drops with weapons kind of ruined my all time favorite game Call of Duty 4 also.



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    I can't remember if I actually played BO2, I think I totally skipped it and went from BO1 to BO3. It's probably a good thing buying it a bit later because you save so much money. Unfortunately, I'm just not patient for some games so I just buy it at launch.



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    They're cheaper so once the game is in decent condition and it's at a good rate, I'll bite at the offer. 



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    I only buy older games used, as the used price is very nice to see. If it's new and used, especially at Game Stop, the price difference is negligible enough to just buy the new game. I don't see why I need to save $3 on a used copy.



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    I tend to purchase games used & new. If I can find it used cheaper then new heck yea I'll get it. If it's cheaper new I'll get new. In the end whether it's old or new, which ever is cheaper is what wins out in the end for me.

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