Xbox Game with Gold for November Revealed

Posted Oct 27, 2017 by DarthHazard

The Xbox Games with Gold for November have been revealed by Microsoft with a fan favourite included in this months lineup. The lineup features four games for Xbox One or the Xbox 360.

The lineup includes The Turing Test which was also available for last months Games with Gold lineup. Players will also be able to get Trackmania Turbo and Tales from the Borderlands (which will be available from the 16th of November). All three games will be for players on the Xbox One.

Xbox - November 2017 Games with Gold

And as for the Xbox 360 users, players will get NiGHTS into Dreams and Deadfall Adventures (which will be available from the 16th of November). Are you exciting for this months lineup?

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  • I don't play games. My kids do. But I have had the opportunity to use both the Xbox and the PlayStation because they have both systems. Even being a person with no knowledge or experience, I don't know why Playstation hasn't converted the entire world of gamers. The PS3 or 4 or whatever number they're at now, is comfortable and easy to use. I tried my son's Xbox. I felt like it would have been easier to learn how to fly a plane! Guess my son must be excited about the new line up. Wouldn't know. He hardly ever comes out of his room.

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