Thorpe Park Opens Limited Time Game Arena

Posted Apr 15, 2019 by DarthHazard

Thorpe Park has opened up a brand new gaming area for a limited time period.

Named GameFX, the area at the United Kingdom based theme park has been open since the 6th of April and will continue until the 31st of May. This will be the first event of four limited time events that have been scheduled for this year, although the other events will not be as game focused as the current.

The event invites gamers, no matter what experience they have, to showcase their eSport skills with a livestream, retro gaming lounge and the ability to try out the very best Virtual Reality experiences. With a selection of new and classic gaming consoles and games, visitors will be able to enjoy favourites including Fortnite Battle Royale, FIFA, Minecraft and even Forza Horizon 4. For those with a more retro interest, consoles include the Sega Mega Drive, Gamecube and even a PlayStation 2.

"Practice your eSports skills across multiple consoles and games, immerse yourself in nostalgia as you reignite your childhood in the retro gaming area and defy your senses and push yourself to the limit as you engage with the latest virtual reality tech."

Visitors looking for a more competitive environment will love the event with many eSports tournaments lined up including tournaments for popular games like Fortnite Battle Royale, FIFA and Apex Legends. It’s not just pride that visitors will be playing for either with prizes promised for competing in tournaments.

It’s also mentioned that various celebrity influences will be scheduled to appear at the events although who they may be or when they will arrive isn’t mentioned just yet.

Interested visitors can visit GameFX at the Lake View Marquee where staff will allow visitors in depending on the capacity of the building. If the event is full at that particular time, staff will provide you with a time that you can return at.

Entry to the limited time game area will be free with entry being included in your theme park ticket. However, there will be an additional fee for visitors interested in entering the HYPD Legends tournament or if they wish to take part in any Virtual Reality experiences.

At the end of GameFX in May, Thorpe Park will bring out more limited time attractions throughout the year including a jungle-themed escape room that will see teams compete to solve puzzles and physical tasks to get the win.

Will you be looking forward to playing with your friends at GameFX? Or will you be focusing more on the actual rollercoasters? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Wow, that sounds as a very interesting event.I wish it would be possible for me to participate to this event.This is a great opportunity for eSports fans to travel to the Thorpe Park and even meet celebrities there.I think there will be a huge number of gamers participating to this special game event, including livestream and tournaments as well.

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