The Epic Games Store Raked In $681 Million In 2019

Posted Jan 14, 2020 by DarthHazard

Gamers may not have been too happy with the launch of the Epic Games Store. Many weren’t happy with Epic buying exclusives or the somewhat lack of proper store features.

However, that controversy hasn’t affected Epic Games that much. According to Epic Games themselves, the company raked in an out of this world $681 Million from over 108 million PC gamers in just 2019. That figure was released alongside others in an infographic on the Epic Games blog. Other statistics included over 200 million free games being claimed by users and over $23 million of coupons and discounts being funded by Epic.

Don’t expect that figure to slow down in 2020. And to celebrate this, Epic has announced that they will be continually giving out free games in 2020, which will definitely bring in more PC gamers to the platform.

Every week, a free game will be made available on the platform. All you have to do is make sure to log in every week, claim the game and you will be able to play it whenever and wherever forever.

Epic will be looking at gaining more exclusives for its platform as well, although it hasn’t gone down well before and it won’t go down well in 2020 either.

A few of the upcoming exclusives for the Epic Games Store in 2020 include Godfall and Magic The Gathering. Players will have to wait and see whether any big-name titles will become exclusives like Borderlands 3 was in 2019.

Did the $681 million figure surprise you? And are you happy with the Epic Games Store now? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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