Sponsored Gifts Added To Pokémon Go

Posted Apr 28, 2021 by DarthHazard

We all love freebies, especially in the games that we play regularly. But it seems Niantic is prepared to test how much you love them by introducing Sponsored Gifts to Pokémon Go.

With the popular Pokémon game having earned over $4 billion since its initial launch in 2016, Niantic is looking to increase that even further by offering floating ad space to interested companies.

When players visit Gyms and PokéStops, you may receive a Sponsored Gift that is attached to a sponsored message that is relevant to your location. Unlike Gifts that can be sent to your friends, Sponsored Gifts will give items directly to the Trainer that receives them.

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After spinning a Photo Disc at a PokéStop or Gym, or even after battling in a Riad, a Sponsored Gift will pop up on your screen and players will be able to either dismiss the Gift or open it. If you open it, a sponsored message will appear along with the items that you have been gifted.

Players will not be able to abuse the feature though, as there will be a limit on the number of Sponsored Gifts that players can receive per day. Similarly, do not expect to always get a Sponsored Gift from the same PokéStop or Gym.

If this is not something that you agree with, don’t fret, as players will be able to easily opt-out of the feature by deselecting the “Show Sponsored Gifts” option from the Settings menu.

Are you looking forward to the addition of Sponsored Gifts? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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