Quads Replaced With Quads Realism In COD: Warzone

Posted Jun 19, 2020 by DarthHazard

A playlist update has arrived for Call of Duty: Warzone with Quads temporarily replaced with Realism Battle Royale (Quads).

The move didn’t go down well with the Call of Duty community, who have long been vocal about not liking that certain modes are taken out when playlists are updated. This will force some teams to drop their fourth player and play Trios instead if Realism isn’t something that interests them.

Realism Battle Royale will create a stressful experience for some with a more limited HUD (no mini-map) and increased headshot damage. The map will still be available when you bring up the map screen so you won’t completely lose track of a faraway teammate.

One player tweeted - 

Our 4th player is about to come back from his business call and be told we cant play the most popular playlist in Warzone so he will need to go find his own trio or we are forced to play a mode we don’t like. Where is the logic? Let me play what I love. P ~ CouRageJD on Twitter

This playlist follows another recent change which added Blood Money back to Call of Duty: Warzone. The small update also moved Battle Royale Solos into a sub-menu and removed Scrapyard from Hardcore playlists (for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare).

With Season 4 of Modern Warfare having started recently, there will be plenty more Playlist updates for players to love or hate. Players should expect to see Quads introduced next week when Realism Quads is removed.

Will you be trying out Realism Battle Royale (Quads)? Or will you be moving to playing Trios? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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