PUBG to add vaulting & climbing to test servers

Posted Oct 29, 2017 by DarthHazard

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be receiving two brand new mechanics very soon, vaulting & climbing, which will be added to the PC test servers before the PC 1.0 release next week.

Details about when the testing would begin for these mechanics were not mentioned but Bluehole confirmed that "the test servers will be up for several days to allow everyone to try out the test build and give feedback". A detailed explanation of how the two new mechanic wills work and benefit gamers was shared on the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds website.

“Crossing and scaling obstacles may intermittently create many new tactical options available to the players. The standard jump feature can be used in standard situations, but there are many areas where it does not suffice. After all, PUBG features a play area of considerable proportions. In addition, objects located on the map differ greatly in shape and size. Such complexity can cause many problems for the players who need to rely on fast and effective means of jumping over (or on top of) boxes, containers, fences etc. For that reason we have decided to implement dynamic vaulting and climbing mechanics.”

"This feature enables in-game characters to quickly scale obstacles in front of them. Although we initially planned to allow crossing over structures which are up to 1 meter high, we have eventually decided to extend the functionality of the feature by increasing the limit to about 2.3 meters. Almost any static object that meets the dimension criteria can be scaled. Additionally, passing through openings in structures (such as windows) is possible as long as they are wide and tall enough. You may scale almost any static object which is short enough. Objects which are chest level high can be scaled with a weapon in hand. Taller structures that require pulling up to vault need to be performed with both hands free of any items (they will be holstered automatically when animation is played). Running towards the obstacle will generate momentum that will ensure faster motion. Performing the action from stationary position is also possible but the animation played will be slower, leaving players vulnerable for a longer period of time."

Other changes include client & server optimization, changes in vehicle driving and ballistics overhaul although Bluehole didn't confirm any more details about those changes. Will you be looking forward to vaulting and climbing in the next update?

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