Play2Live, The New Streaming Platform On The Block

Posted Dec 06, 2017 by DarthHazard

Sites like Twitch and YouTube have allowed millions of gamers around the watch to watch others play their favourite games. The market is huge, with 665 million people (SuperData) tuning in to streaming sites for gaming content. And now a new entrant looks at taking a portion of the market with a totally different approach.

Play2Live is a decentralized streaming platform for casual gamers and eSports fanatics. The platform aims to "create an ecosystem where every participant, including the viewer, the streamer and the eSports tournament organizer is part of an interactive system". And what makes it different to traditional sites like Twitch and YouTube is that even the viewer can make money from just watching their favourite content creators.

The Play2Live website

The platform uses a currency called Level Up Coin (LUC). This currency can easily be converted to other cryptocurrencies or even fiat money internally. And what makes Play2Live even better is that not only does it incorporate the traditional monetization methods that users can use to make money from their videos such as advertisements or affiliate marketing, but it has also added more including:

  • eSports Betting - Viewers can place bets during streams of eSports events without the need for a third party.
  • Streamer Tasks - Viewers can earn LUC for completing tasks set by streamers
  • Marketplace - Prizes can be distributed by streamers provided by Advertisers

You can find out more about Play2Live or apply to become a part of this "blockchain-based streaming platform" by visiting their website:

Founder & developer of this dope gaming platform. 20 year old gamer who loves to waste time chasing noobs on Fortnite, riding with my posse on Red Dead Redemption 2 and travelling across the coast on Crew 2
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