New FIFA 18 Patch Aims To Fix Several Issues

Posted Jan 23, 2018 by DarthHazard

Fans have been vocal about several issues with FIFA 18 and it seems EA Sports have finally decided to listen and make some changes to address these issues in-game.

The community, especially vocal on FIFA's Reddit page, complained about various aspects and problems with the game including the so-called kickoff boost, players picking certain opponents in FUT Champions and automatic goalkeeper clearances. The latest patch is set to fix a lot of these aspects and issues and is available to download on PC right now (1.5GB update). Patches usually arrive on PC first, with EA Sports making sure that everything is perfect and working normally before releasing the patch for consoles.

One of the biggest problems was "goalkeepers unnecessarily clearing the ball when it was passed to them in certain situations". This was especially a problem for those users that liked to play from the back. This has now been fixed with this patch. One aspect of the popular FUT Champions game mode that left a lot to be desired was opponents, especially the "Pro's" cherry picking who they play but only playing if they were the home team. This would allow them to avoid other professional players who used the same method to pick their opponents. "The Pre-Match screens will no longer display which team is the home or away team; instead players will see their team on the left side of the screen, with their opponent’s team displaying on the right side"

Players will also be less likely to encounter opponents leaving when picking kits because "you will no longer see your opponent’s kits in either gameplay or the pre-match screens; instead you will see your opponent wearing your unselected Active Kit". This means that if you choose to play in your Home Kit, you will see your opponents in your away kit.

Various other fixes and changes have been made to the game. The full list of changes can be found on this Reddit post. Are you looking forward to playing the game with these changes?

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