Major Update Released For Bus Simulator Console Edition

Posted Nov 07, 2019 by DarthHazard

Bus Simulator has been somewhat plagued with bugs and issues since it’s initial release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But the latest major update aims to fix this and provide a better experience for aspiring bus drivers.

The update which came out on the 5th of November for both platforms included various game improvements, bug fixes, stability and performance improvements, and some small new features.

The patch notes listed the important and “major” changes to the game including:

  • Stability improvements to ensure that the game does not crash on both the Xbox One and PlayStation (although Xbox seemed to suffer a lot more).
  • Performance improvements to the Route Editor which suffered from a large amount of lag if you had many routes.
  • Advanced drive start settings which will now also allow you to disable penalties for going over potholes too fast.
  • Multiplayer rights management for new save games
  • Gamers with a PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X will be able to take advantage of a performance/quality slider if 4K video output is detected.
  • You can finally enable “Left behind items” as the issue where items could not be picked up has been resolved.
  • During rainy days, the issue where the door windows would be too dark has been resolved.
  • Various fixes have been made to the bus models and passenger behavior.
  • Issues have been fixed and improvements have been made to bus customization.

Xbox One users that have been suffering from a screen size issue will have to wait slightly longer for a fix although they are working on releasing an update to fix this as soon as possible.

Now with this update fixing the major issue where users suffered from multiple game crashes, the team at Astragon Entertainment can focus on other minor fixes and bringing the latest Bus Simulator DLC to console. The latest DLC, when it finally arrives on Bus Simulator, would add a new area to the map which will include an airport and some beautiful hills to drive up.

Are you happy with the latest update? And are you looking forward to the next DLC for console? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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