Hot Wheels Announce Rocket League RC Toys

Posted Feb 14, 2018 by DarthHazard

Psyonix and Hot Wheels has announced a brand new Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set, which will also include in-game DLC.

The set will combine both Hot Wheels and Rocket League and will feature Bluetooth-connected Octane and Dominus Battle-Cars. Players will be able to control each Battle-Car using their very own smart devices.

“We’re thrilled to further our partnership with Hot Wheels and bring Rocket League to life with this upcoming toy set”

"But that’s just the beginning of what we have planned. You can expect to see some really, really cool things come out of our new Hot Wheels alliance."

The set, priced at $179.99 will come with two smart device controlled cars, a game ball with IR signal, a charging base and an arena that will require assembly. It is yet to be confirmed whether or not players will be able to jump like the game, although it is most likely extremely doubtful.

Rocket League® - Hot Wheels Trailer

“We know that Hot Wheels and Rocket League fans loved our digital DLC integration in 2017, and will be thrilled to take on the challenge with this new RC playset that merges physical and digital gaming.”

The set is to be released this fall, although a specific date is to be confirmed. Will you be looking forward to trying it out?

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Comments (8)
  • Hotwheels sounds like an awesome idea for this game.

  • This is a pretty neat, almost-too-obvious tie-in deal at first glance. I may have choked on my water a little when I saw that price tag though. I can't help but think that the people who would be interested in this are fans of Rocket League already, which would mostly be people who already own a copy of Rocket League. So DLC cars aside, most are paying $180 for the Hotwheels part. I could end up with egg on my face, but I cannot see Touch-screen controlled mini-RC cars impotently rolling a ball around a cardboard arena- when they're able to hit the ball at all- being more than a novel amusement for over 10 minutes. After that, you and your kids will realize how much more fun Rocket League the video game is. Then you'll post this $180 tie-in on craigslist for $50 just to forget the experience. Of course, I could be totally wrong and RC Rocket League Tournaments could take off. But do you really believe that?

  • The set looks nice but not a good deal at all with that price. I would rethink about it if the price comes to half

  • The price is quite high. I love it though.

  • The game is quite attractive enough for me to buy because of its aesthetically pleasing graphics but as soon as I saw the price, I’m starting to hesitate now. I was totally looking forward to it but I do hope that I can buy this one in the near future!

  • The price is so high but worth the awsomeness of the game itself. Those who will afford it will really enjoy. I hope to be rich one day and buy myself one. I am sure my children will see it and be attracted by the graphics alone.

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