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Posted Apr 11, 2019 by DarthHazard

After what must have been years of shouting and petitions, PlayStation has finally decided to announce that PlayStation users will be able to change their online PlayStation IDs from today.

Players will be able to change their online ID through their PS4 or via a web browser through the PlayStation website, which will also be available from today.

The feature was teased earlier in the beta preview program which ran back in October and November of last year, with PlayStation using that time to gather valuable data and feedback on how the feature will work and any problems that users may encounter with it.

Unfortunately, it seems that some games may not fully support the feature. With the feature originally being published after the 1st of April 2018, all PS4 games that were published on or after that particular date have been developed with the feature in find, therefore, players will not experience any issues with the game after changing their online ID. Whilst the majority of PS4 games will support the change of an ID, players will be able to find the list of tested games here to ensure they won’t encounter any issues with games that they own.

How do I change my PSN online ID?

As mentioned before, all players will be able to change their online ID by either using their PS4 or going through a web browser.

In terms of the PS4:

  • Go to SETTINGS
  • You will then be given the chance to enter your new online ID or pick one from a list of suitable suggestions

But if you want to do it through a web browser, you will need to:

Whilst the first change of your online ID is free, further changes to your ID will set you back £7.99 or £3.99 if you are currently a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Additionally, players will not have to worry about friends potentially being confused about their new ID on their friend's list as they will be able to display their old ID next to their new one on their profile for around 30 days.

Players will also be able to revert back to their old ID (any old ID if they have bought multiple ID changes) at any time for free by simply contacting PlayStation Support. Plus, your previous online ID will only be available to you to ensure that no one else can take it and stop you from reverting back.

If you do encounter any issues after changing your online ID, PlayStation has mentioned that they should revert back to their previous online ID. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a better fix at the moment for this issue.

Are you excited to change your online ID for PlayStation? Leave your brand new usernames in the comments below.

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  • KAMI

    While I'm not gonna be changing my PSN ID, it's nice to know that now I have the option to do so. Though I'm not a fan of locking such a feature behind a paywall.

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