Fortnite X Mayhem Collaboration Begins

Posted Aug 27, 2019 by DarthHazard

The latest Fortnite patch (v10.20) has arrived today and with the patch comes a brand new collaboration between Fortnite & Mayhem.

The inhabitants of Pandora have managed to come across Fortnite and have brought with them their “planet’s characteristic mayhem”. The Pandora Rift Zone, themed challenges and Psycho Bundle will be available from today until the 10th of September.

The Pandora Rift Zone located in the desert brings the “iconic planet look with an added bonus”. Players that are careful and can go a while without taking any damage will be able to generate shield (around 4 shield per second).

And if it’s making some mayhem that you’re after, you can pick up the Psycho bundle from the shop right now which will allow you to travel around with Claptrap on your back.

It’s not just exploring that you’ll be able to do either as all players will get a free Welcome to Pandora Challenge Bundle which will feature rewards that include the Mayhem weapon wrap, Vault Hunter banner, Psycho Spray and Crunk Bunny Spray.

It’s not just the collaboration that has arrived with this patch. Also added was a brand new Shield Bubble item. This rare item will last for 30 seconds and will create a large bubble that will block projectiles and explosives. You can still shoot whilst inside the bubble but any projectiles and explosives will not go outside of it. Think of the Squad shield from Star Wars Battlefront 2! The bubble item has 400HP and destroying it will deactivate the shield.

The nerfing of the B.R.U.T.E continues on with the map icon now visible to all players throughout the game which Epic aims to allow increased “awareness of a B.R.U.T.E’s presence and location to all players in the match”.

As with any patch, a variety of weapons and items have been vaulted which includes the Storm Flip, Drum Gun, and the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle.

Are you looking forward to exploring the Pandora Rift Zone in Fortnite? And will you miss one of the latest vaulted weapons and items? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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