Fortnite Volcano Destroyed Tilted Towers

Posted May 06, 2019 by DarthHazard

It’s Season 2. Tilted Towers has just been added and everyone’s landing in the point of interest to explore it. The hype around Tilted Towers never died down but it seems it may never be like that again. 

After having teased players for a while now, the Fortnite Volcano has finally erupted and taken a few locations out with it, Tilted Towers being one.

The special event took place yesterday with players able to enter the game and take part in a normal large team-based mode until the event kicked off. Once the timer hit 0, the event began, with a special vault located in Loot Lake opening up and players able to drop in. Players were then transported to a strange location where six previously vaulted items were enclosed in tall towers of glass. Players were then tasked with breaking a tower of their choosing. Items included the drum gun, airplanes, Infinity Blade and grappler. 

In the end, the drum gun proved popular across the Fortnite user base and players were sent right back into the sky above the Fortnite island. Players were then able to witness the volcano eruption which sent blasts of lava across the map and landing in various locations including Tilted Towers. The once popular landing option now is missing it’s tall and varied buildings. Other locations hit included Retail Row and Polar Peak, although, at the current moment, only a small crack is present at Polar Peak. 

It’s no surprise to see that the drum gun won the “vote” so easily as players have enjoyed it previously before it was vaulted due to its ability to melt player structures whilst also being a great choice against players. Epic Games has already confirmed that the drum gun won’t be available during this weekend’s World Cup Online Open. 

Unfortunately for some, not all players were able to take part in the fun voting process as they weren’t able to “witness the Unvaulting event”. Whilst the team investigates what caused it and how they can avoid this for future events, Epic has confirmed that they will be awarding the Arcana Glider, valued at 1,200 V-Bucks, to all players that were able to start up the Unvaulting game mode. 

And to avoid anger amongst those that may have already purchased the Arcana Glider, players that have done so will be refunded their V-Bucks. Players should expect their V-Bucks and the Arcana Gliders in their accounts in the “coming days”. Interested streamers and fans can also take advantage of the replay files that will be released for players to watch through the Fortnite game if they missed the event. 

As we get closer to May 9th, the date for the new season of Fortnite Battle Royale, players should expect a lot more surprises and sneak peeks of what we should expect to see next season. 

Are you looking forward to Season 9? And were you able to experience the special event in-game? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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