Fortnite update brings a whole host of new features & changes

Posted Oct 26, 2017 by DarthHazard

The latest Fortnite update has not only added some spooky goodies for players but has also added a whole host of new features to the game including leaderboards, seasons and the much-awaited customisations of characters to the Battle Royale mode.

The patch has also added voice chat for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the PC version had received it earlier. After some issues with input latency on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, Epic Games has greatly tried to reduce this to help ensure players have as smooth an experience as possible. This should help make controls feel a lot more responsive and should help in close quarter battles especially.

The biggest update which most users will have been wanting since the game was released is the release of the Leaderboards. The leaderboard has been split up so that players can see how they rank against their division and their friends. Players will be randomly assigned to a division which consists of 50 active players and will be reassigned every week. Each match type (Solo, Duos & Squads) have been given their own separate division and leaderboard.

Season Levels have also been added to Fortnite Battle Royale to give a feeling of progression in the game. This will allow players to level up their character and be rewarded with in-game season content. Daily challenges have been included to allow you to progress even faster through levels.

The full patch note can be found here: Epic Games Patch Notes for Fortnite Update 1.8

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