Fortnite Map Flooded In Season 3, Chapter 2

Posted Jun 17, 2020 by DarthHazard

If you’ve been away from Fortnite Battle Royale for a while now, you may need a little time to readjust to the game as Season 3 of Chapter 2 has brought some big changes with it.

The map has changed quite a bit after the failed device experiment from last seasons event resulted in the map flooding. Around half of the map is now underwater which has brought with it some new points of interests and things to be wary of. Several locations including Pleasant Park have been flooded, with some houses now on inflatables.

As with every season, a brand new battle pass has arrived with some special items included. Continuing the water-themed season, players will be able to get their hands on Aquaman as a skin, with challenges that allow you to unlock different styles for the skin. Additionally, a whole host of new gliders, contrails and emoticons will be available from the battle pass.

Prepare for some new methods of transport around the map as well. For now, you can take advantage of the arrival of sharks on the island. With half of the map covered in water, you will be able to hook a shark with a fishing rod and control them to quickly roam around the map. Keep an eye out though as they can destroy structures.

Vehicles will be arriving at a later date in the season, with a truck and sports car teased so far in the Battle Pass trailer.

Marauders have also arrived on the Fortnite island. They can teleport to any location on the map and drop some useful loot when killed. Keep an eye out though as the last thing you want is to deal with some Marauders whilst battling another player or team.

A brand new feature that is sure to be a fan-favourite has also been introduced. Build-a-brella will also players to create their own personal umbrella by choosing things like the topper, shaft, canopy and colours! As you progress through the Battle Pass, you will gain more items to use for your umbrella.

Are you excited for the latest season of Fortnite Battle Royale? What’s your favourite addition? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • I really enjoy playing Fortnite and this season. There a few aspects of this Battle Royale game that can be criticized. The marvel update is overpowered, with users fighting to defeat a boss to gain their abilities. The building element shouldn't exist, there are too many players which are OP.

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