Fortnite Introduces Season 2 Battle Pass

Posted Dec 15, 2017 by DarthHazard

Epic Games have announced a Battle Pass along with the new limited time Survive The Holidays event that will allow you to unlock various cosmetic items.

Players will be able to buy the Battle Pass to get cosmetic loot from December 14 - February 20. The Battle Pass will allow you to "earn or buy even more rewards". Battle Pass owners will instantly unlock various in-game rewards including a blue knight costume and various XP boosts. From then on, players will have to play the game and level up to unlock the various different rewards like costumes, emotes, XP boosts and pickaxes. In total, there are 65+ items to unlock.

The Battle Pass can be bought for just 950 V-Bucks (limited time only, normally priced at 1800 V-Bucks) and can only be bought in-game. And ensuring Epic Games' avoid any loot box controversary, all cosmetic items will not affect gameplay. Players that reach Tier 70 will ensure that you unlock all rewards including:

  • Fort Knight Outfits (x3)
  • “Pulse Axe” Pickaxe and “Royale X” Glider
  • "Get Down!” Glider
  • “AC/DC” Pickaxe
  • “Pulse Axe” Pickaxe
  • “The Worm” and “Floss” Emotes
  • New Banners and Icon Emotes
  • + More

Fortnite Battle Pass Unlocks

Players too lazy to grind their way to Tier 70 can use V-Bucks to buy levels at any time with each Tier unlock costing 150 V-Bucks. If the Battle Pass isn't for you, everyone can earn the "Sir Glider the Brave" Glider, "Wave" and "Ride the Pony" emotes, banners and Icon Emotes. Will you be going into battle as a knight?

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