Fortnite Content Update Adds Air Strikes

Posted Jul 09, 2019 by DarthHazard

The Fortnite team might be away on their holidays but that doesn’t mean the game won’t be getting frequent updates. The latest content update for Patch v9.30 is here and with it comes a brand new item to play around with.

The Air Strike is an item that once thrown, will release some coloured smoke and will call in a “flurry of missiles from above”. The missiles will spawn 120 meters above the smoke canister and will begin to rain down on players after a short delay. The missiles will aim for random points within a 9 meter radius of the smoke canisters position.

Fortnite - Air Strike - New Item

Around 20 missiles will be spawned, with each missile dealing 75 damage to players and 200 damage to structures. The item will be a legendary and can be found as floor loot, from chests, supply drops, vending machines and llamas.

We can also expect some brand new limited time modes to come into rotation which will include:

  • High Explosives (Squads) – Explosive weapons only
  • Sneaky Silencers (Solo) – Fight for the victory royale with silenced weapons only in the night.
  • Classic (Squads) – A classic Battle Royale game with weapons from only Season one and two.
  • Solid Gold (Duos) – Legendary weapons only
  • Catch (Squads) – No guns at all. You’ll have to get that victory royale using grenades and items that can be thrown/tossed.
  • Blitz (Squads) – A fast-paced Battle Royale match where the storm will never stop.

Are you looking forward to using the Air Strike in the game? And which of the upcoming limited time modes are you looking forward to playing?

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