Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Begins

Posted Jun 25, 2019 by DarthHazard

It may not seem like it for many in the United Kingdom, but summer really has started. But there is a saving grace for us because we can at least soak up some rays during the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer which begins today.

The fortnight of summer on Fortnite will feature a weapon that will be unvaulted for 24 hours only, a new limited time mode to play each day, a daily challenge (with free reward) and new outfits and more in the Item Shop.

The limited time modes that will rotate daily will include the following (although not in this order):

  • Heavy Metal (Squads) – Players will only have access to Heavy varients of weapons (heavy shotgun etc.). Players will also benefit from faster metal farming rates.
  • Storm Chasers: Surfin’ (Squads) – “Ride the waves and try to stay afloat”. Everyone will deploy into a vehicle at the start and each player will slowly receive more impulses into their inventory.
  • Splashdown (Squads) – Eliminate opponents with the new Water Balloon item. With respawns on, first to reach the target score will win.
  • Power Up – As you consume shields, the max shield amount for you increases. Fight to be the most powerful and last standing player.
  • Leave None Behind (Duos)
  • Use With Care (Duos)
  • Headshots (Duos) – Only headshots will deal damage so take your time and “be careful with your shots”.
  • Tank Battle (Squads) – Increased health and shields players start with. Players will also be happy to hear that Siphon has been turned on for this mode.
  • Builders Paradise (Squads) – Flex your building skills in this game mode. Structure health and gathering rates have been increased. Everyone can edit any walls as well!
  • Wick’s Bounty (Duos)
  • Arsenal – A twist on Gun Game. Everyone will start with the best weapons. Eliminating other players will make your weapons worse. The first player to get an elimination with the final weapon will win.
  • Rumble (Squads) – A twist on the classic Team Rumble except with fewer allies to rely on.
  • Loadout Swap (Squads) – “Show how quickly you can adapt to today's rapidly changing world. On a set timer all players in the match will all be granted the same random loadout”.
  • Strategic Structures (Squads)

The full list of daily challenges and free rewards were leaked earlier. Players will need to complete a variety of challenges including popping party balloon decorations, hitting players a water balloon or simply launching fireworks. And rewards include weapon skins, a yellow duck backbling and even some brand new lobby music for you to enjoy.

It’s not just Battle Royale getting the fun either. You will be able to jump in daily for a new featured island every day in Creative. Additionally, Save the World players will be able to take advantage of a new quest every day “to help Homebase host the hottest summer party around and score some summer freebies in the store”.

Are you looking forward to the 14 Days of Summer in Fortnite? And what challenge reward are you looking forward to unlocking the most? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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