DICE Promises Progression System Changes & New Game Mode

Posted Jan 25, 2018 by DarthHazard

It's been a frustrating few months for Star Wars Battlefront 2 fans but DICE have finally let players know what we can expect over the next few months.

"The next few months are packed with massive additions to Star Wars Battlefront II". The current progression system will be receiving a revamp after a huge number of complaints from users. The changes will "address many of the things we've seen players asking for". Also arriving will be a brand new limited time game mode called Jetpack Cargo. Arriving in February, the game mode will see "two teams of eight players equipped with jet packs compete in Jetpack Cargo, a frantic, fast-paced way to play".

The Last Jedi Season Stats

A brand new season will also be arriving on Battlefront 2 very soon. DICE state that they have learnt a lot from the first season and will integrate "those insights into our plans moving forward". Information regarding what we will get in Season 2 wasn't shared although we were promised some details "soon".

Are you looking forward to the new Battlefront 2 game mode? Or do you only want the brand new season? May the Force™ be with you!

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