DayZ To Arrive On Consoles In 2018

Posted Dec 02, 2017 by DarthHazard

Bohemia Interactive have announced that DayZ will be arriving on consoles at some point in 2018 once it is out of Early Access.

The plans were laid out on a status report that was posted on the DayZ website (which can be found here ). But gamers quickly noticed that the PlayStation 4 was not mentioned at all in the status report. The development team were quick to confirm that it would be coming to PS4 but "since Xbox has the Game Preview program, we can release sooner there".

“As soon as the PC BETA is headed in a way we like, we're still committed to bringing DayZ to Xbox, where we have a large community of gamers patiently (very patiently!) waiting for a truly hardcore online survival game. All of that will (and must) happen next year - meaning we're just about to start what could possibly be the most exciting year for DayZ so far. In short: DayZ will be out of Early Access next year, and we'll also finally deliver it to console players in 2018.”

With DayZ coming to consoles, will you be trying it out or has PUBG and Fortnite done enough to stay at the top?

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