Clicker Heroes 2 Developers Abandon Microtransactions

Posted Nov 22, 2017 by DarthHazard

The most controversial discussion in gaming right now is regarding microtransactions or loot boxes as some developers like to call it. But it seems one developer has decided its time to ditch these microtransactions and take a different path for their game.

Playsaurus, developers of popular game Clicker Heroes has decided to take a completely different approach and have decided to drop the free-to-play model for their next title, Clicker Heroes 2. The game will instead be sold for $30 and will contain 0, yes zero microtransactions in the game.

“In Clicker Heroes 1, we never tried to abuse players with our real-money shop, and for the most part we designed it without the shop in mind so that you never have to purchase rubies to progress. Despite this, we found that some number of players spent many thousands of dollars on rubies. I can only hope that these people could afford it, and that they were doing it to support us, and not to feed an addiction. But I strongly suspect that this is not the case.”

Playsaurus mentions that both ethical and game design concerns were the main reasons behind the decision to ditch microtransactions. The company does not feel comfortable at all taking money from those that "are in denial of their addiction". They don't mind taking money "if you're rich, please be my guest" but "we don't want this kind of money if it came from anyone who regrets their decision, if it made their lives significantly worse as a result".

You can pre-order the game now over here. Players will also be able to get a refund for the game, a full year after the launch of Clicker Heroes 2 if they want. The game is currently only destined for PC, although an Xbox One and PS4 version won't be too far off. Will you be pre-ordering the game?

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