Battlefront 2 Update Brings New Ship, Maps & Fixes

Posted Jan 16, 2018 by DarthHazard

Players have had to wait a while but a brand new patch has finally been brought out for Star Wars Battlefront 2 bringing with it a new ship, maps and various fixes.

The biggest noted change of the patch brings the popular Blast game mode to the Crait map with players now able to play some 10v10 deathmatch in the mines. Also added in this patch is Iden Versio's TIE/In fighter which will be available in multiplayer matches. The Hero Starfighter will be able to use the Afterburner, Laser Barrage, Dual Proton Torpedoes and Inferno Leader abilities. The Inferno Leader ability is definitely one of the most useful abilities, using it will mean "all enemies within a radius are revealed to allied players" and "these enemies receive increased damage from all sources".

General Fixes

  • Added a night variant to Tatooine Maps
  • Increased the frequency of alternative lighting variants across all maps
  • Updated visual appearances of the First Order on Crait
  • Fixed a bug where the LAAT overheat sound would affect everyone in the match
  • Milestone completion call out’s in-match
  • Armor class Battlepoint multiplier reduced
  • Fixed a bug where both the Officer’s Recharge Command and Finn’s Big Deal abilities were not affecting Heroes or Special Units properly
  • Fixed an issue where each sector on the minimap would not light up properly the first time an enemy fired
  • Reduced fade in time for a minimap sector from 0.3 to 0.1 seconds
  • Stability improvements
  • Misc. bug fixing

Various changes and fixes have been made to Battlefront 2 including Finn's EL-16 blaster doing less damage (65 to 40). And to the dismay of a lot of Reddit users, Boba Fett's rocket barrage has received a nerf. And he wasn't the only one, Wookiee Warriors have also gotten quite a large nerf. Their Bowcaster centre projective damage multiplier has been reduced to 1 from 1.3 and their Bowcaster heat per shot has been increased.

More details regarding the patch and the various fixes can be found in the patch notes. Was this patch great or were you expecting much more to be introduced/changed?

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